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So Google+ has been getting some very positive reviews, and has been able to scale relatively quickly. But one thing that has been on my mind is that no one is asking the one really critical question, which is understanding the engagement metrics on the platform. Without understanding how often people are engaging… for example how much time they’re spending, the scale numbers don’t mean as much.

It’s not too surprising that people have just been focusing on the number of users. In general, people have a love affair with scale. They usually want more people on a given platform versus better quality engagement. For me when it comes to social, at the end of the day it is all about engagement. I would rather have users to 2 to 3 times more engaged if that meant there weren’t as many of them.

It would also be interesting if we compared engagement on Google+ against Facebook and Twitter. Wouldn’t it be really interesting if you could look at all the social networks and see what percent of my online time I spend on one specific network? Not sure if any measurement company has been focused on this, but it may be a really interesting sweet spot for social. Kind of like when TV ratings come out, or box office numbers the Monday following a movie premier.


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