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I want to take a second and congratulate HBO for recently launching their new service called HBO GO. For those of you are not aware, HBO GO is a service that allows you to watch HBO on a tablet or phone if you subscribe to HBO via cable or satellite.

The reason why I like the service so much is that it reinforces that at the end of the day it’s all about content, and as a consumer, I want to consume content wherever or however I can. What’s also nice is that the customer controls when they watch HBO versus the old television model which is all about daypart viewing. Some cable or satellite companies do provide the option for on-demand viewing, but not all companies offer it.

I also like that HBO is building a relationship directly with their consumer versus strictly relying on the distribution channels of cable and satellite. This allows HBO to better compete with companies like Netflix, who are several years ahead of them.

So hats off to the people at HBO, many of which I used to work with in an earlier job. You guys have cracked the code (for now) for how content companies should work going forward.


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