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Seth Godin is a well-known author who has written several best-selling books. I’ve read a couple of them and most recently I read Meatball Sundae. The essence of meatball sundae is that you shouldn’t apply old marketing business concepts into the new marketplace where the customer is in control.

One example Seth uses to drive home this point is the role of product development vs. marketing. Traditionally, the marketing department has been used to come up with the best way to articulate the product to the customer. Or put another way, marketing is used to “spin” a message.

The point Seth is making is marketing should have a much different role. Marketing should be used to influence product development to ensure that what is being crated will resonate with customers. So in theory, you could have a poor advertising campaign, but still a successful product launch, because at the end of the day people care about great products.

I think more people need to think like Seth. He truly understands how the marketplace has evolved and has great advice for those willing to embrace change. If you’re interested in learning more from Seth, you can join his Twitter feed or become his friend on Facebook.


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