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Unless you have been living under a rock lately, kind of like the guy in the Geico ads, you’ve heard about Google plus. I’ll give you my two cents about what I think about the service so far. For background, I currently have accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Overall I’m impressed with Google+. The feature that I like the most is called circles. They allow you to create your own circles of friends. So for example, I can create a circle of family members, a circle of people I work with, and a circle of people who are marketers.

This one feature is the reason why I think Google+ will succeed. You see, the problem with multiple social networks is that you have to keep on going to each site to cover off on different parts of your online life. So for me, I use Facebook for personal and LinkedIn for professional. With Google circles I can put both my personal and business social networks all in place.

I’m going to keep playing around with Google+ over the next week or two and see if I continue to like it. Once they open up to everyone we’re really going to see how useful it is since everyone’s going to be able to access so much more content.


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