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One of the biggest things I’ve learned over the past couple years is the importance of getting different opinions. The act of actually doing this is no walk in the park … in fact, it’s actually pretty difficult. But it’s extremely important to create an overall better marketing experience.

Some of the best projects I’ve worked on the past couple years are actually some of the most challenging collaborative efforts. There were strong points of view and intense disagreement. But eventually, we reached consensus on the best way to move forward. And everyone felt good about where we ended up.

So ask yourself the following questions next time you’re assembling a team or even just having a meeting.

Is there anyone in the room that is not in your department?

Do you have someone who is highly analytical and rational?

Do you have anyone who is highly emotional?

Does anyone have in-depth research or insights about your customer?

Do you have anyone who is not familiar with your product or brand?

If you’re able to answer yes to more than one of these questions then chances are you are in a really good place to get a good dialogue and intense collaboration started.


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